Sunday, 24 February 2008

The Backdoor book

Approximately two years ago, A-Ron from the brand aNYthing, started the aNYthing Glob (currently known as the The New York Glob) which was A-Ron's voice to the world. For his blog, he would take photos of guests, including prominent artists, musicians and friends, by the aNYthing office back door. A-Ron has now compiled these pictures within one Back Door book. If you have followed A-Ron's blog from the start, this book will definitely bring back some memories.

I'm not sure what i think about the book in all honesty... I feel blasphemous to doubt anything produced under the hand of saint A-Ron but despite this the book really boils down to little more than a face clock. My respect for A-Ron has always stemmed from the fact that he is still as grass roots and down to earth as he was before his rise to infamy and success. However this book seems to slap that principle in the face as it acts as an egotistical enshrinement to "known faces".

On the flip side, i have to admit i would no doubt be interested in checking out the characters that have dropped by the aNYthing office. I also find the evolution of the back door's appearance itself interesting.

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