Thursday, 14 February 2008

More of the same

Recently done a post on the 1990's teenage skate culture in New York. Due to a thankful heads-up i was pointed in the direction of Ari Marcopoulos' 'Out and About' which basically documents different youth cultures in New York between 1980 to the late 90's. There are some interesting photographs of the black power movements existent in New York at the time but i chose to scan his following of the supreme skate team as its of more personal interest to me. I love all the pictures of Justin Pierce and its strange seeing the young ones from Kids in their natural environment (which isn't all too different from that they were placed in by Larry Clark for 'Kids'). On top of all of that there is some really nice Supreme backcat items exposed in the pictures and you get a feeling for the authenticity behind the Supreme brand which in my belief is the main reason it is rated so highly


milesdell said...

cant even give my man props when you post a big blog like this... shameful

Anonymous said...

'Kids'... top 3 selected teen film of all time... below Goonies and Back to the Future of course

altho there are slightly pedo tendecies bout a 50 something year old man (or however old he was when he directed Kids) directin a film bout 16 year olds fuckin lol

yeah! said...

ahhh mayne! Everyone always hits Larry with that insult. Ken park is even worse!! But what can i say, he is an evil genius.
and Goonies = classic but back to teh future aint got nothing on kids. Aint even in the same ball park!

arcieri keness said...

Classic post... SUPREME wouldn't be what it is w/o the die hard skaters.

RIP to Harold.

We miss the REAL skaters.