Tuesday, 5 February 2008

"In the dark of night, I let of my gun for light"

It’s All Good

Photographs by Boogie

"A gritty, graphic, and gripping exposé of the underworld and its inhabitants, It’s All Good, the first monograph by Boogie, presents the predators and the prey in the drug game today."

Just found a new new site full of photographic books. Sure ill be copping a couple titles in the upcoming weeks. I myself have got a couple possible projects (not of the photographic kind) in the pipeline currently just bubbling, so watch this space...

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Dougie said...

True say we're basically the boogies of bout here wit that woman in L. st. station. We should hit her up for a 3 minute short. all it wld take wld be a 20pk of superkings.

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