Sunday, 17 February 2008

"I met a girl at Jaguar shoes"

Djs were doing the place more than Justice. Bassline and Grime instrumentals were served by the ounce before a healthy serving of jackin / electro house.... What more could a brother ask for?

All i will say on that little message courtesy of 'Yo Mama' is, "How they gunna do you like that Lexington". Steel ain't your second name for nothing and i ain't talking firearms homie!

This guy below is none other than a chef specialising in Indian cuisine working in Bournemouth. We sent a couple pence his way for a few shots and proceeded to ask him how near he is to the next dime bag. His story definitely wasn't flawless (mainly due to the fact he was on LONDON streets at 4am asking for change, which for me dosnt quite add up to cooking curries in Bournemouth) but give credit to a fiend for having the initiative to create a false identity in order to encourage donations!

The night was ended with "paper" pasta and bolongnaise for most, or simply some nearly melted wholegrain cheese for others!

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Deadly Rhythm said...

yer thats the sort of ting that happens when im away for a week.
my boys cant hold the stronghold on thier own.
when i get back, my backline of yo mamas is gona be drawn out