Thursday, 7 February 2008

You still dealing in Pints while we copping crates!

'Milkcrate Athletics' is a clothing brand run by Aaron Lacrate who rose to DJ stardom due to his pioneering of the Baltimore music genre. However Lacarte was not satisfied with a mere healthy DJ career and has gone onto create 'Milkcrate' films, radio and a music label to match. Meaning the clothing documented in this post is but the tip of the iceberg for this brothers campaign for worldwide dominance.

For some reason Milkcrate haven't picked up as much coverage as i believe they warrant. Their designs are original, looking like they have been illustrated with a real human hand which is a rare occurrence in this age of computers and clean edged graphic design. In addition, Milkcrate was born out of something real and grass roots, so for me ticks all the boxes a brand should in this day and age and undoubtedly spells out a good future and most probably an early retirement for Mr. Lacrate.

Here are some of my favorite pieces the brand has to offer

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Cath. said...

why do i always like tee's for men.. hmpf