Saturday, 16 February 2008

Out and About

Attended the trapstar/TMI/etc (after)party on curtain road tonight. Hold tite the Trapstar gang and 5star for hooking up the invites. Technical difficulties set back the skank for a hot minute but the music was generally on a high par. The crowd was of a high calibre, nothing less than you would expect for a invite only event with the likes of Trapstar and TMI responsible for organising it. There was offcourse the mandatory retro kids and rope chain representers but the one bassline tune made up for any grievances. Heres the shots i managed to capture. Enjoy!

Holdtite man like Retch. New member of the skank team!

The Cool Kids showed up this time which was a bonus. They played out their limited amount of tunes for offer. Good performance despite the fact they need to up the quantity

Heres a quick video of the Cool Kids in action, courtesy of 'Rebelle without a pause'

Big up my spiritual massive. Have fun in Nepal brother.

And there was you thinking Oscar didn't get no action.... Sesame street ain't nuttin but a pussy magnet holmes...

Original Dalston dancer

Watch out for this dude! He has homo erotic tendencies despite the fact he may offer you special offers. He is the boss! Represent!


misterlego said...

looked decent . .

Anonymous said...

that was at the warehouse. saw rowan this morning, said it was quite sick. big party next sat there, also playstation doing a thing there SOON.

Retch' 91 said...

our guy is raising the Buddha levels