Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Neckface - Return of the masked avenger

Neck Face's images are violent, scratchy and bloody, with one foot in heavy metal and the other in bathroom graffiti. Neck Face made his name on the streets of San Francisco and later New York, scrawling his name like a dripping swear word as opposed to a graffiti tag or mural.

Later, aphorisms – “Smile Now, Cry Later”, “Crack Pipe for Sale!” and a devilish face would join his name. My description of this masked avenger would be a bastard child of metal, skate and a youth spent watching too much Freddie Kruger, so theres no surprise he admits to "like seeing people laugh at my violent pieces, then they look around and wonder if it’s wrong to laugh at it". Despite any bad words people might have to say about him, he has gone onto to gain international recognition and boast exhibitions spanning the globe.

These are two videos i found that give some kind of insight into the person behind the mask. Its interesting to see Neckface's 'I dont give a fuck' attitude and to see the wall he draws all his different inspirations from.


Retch' 91 said...

he's serious. im sure he collabo'd on a pair of trainers or something.


yeah! said...

ye he's done a couple Vans models.

TanOne said...

NeckFace is heat