Wednesday, 6 February 2008


Started the evening through means of beverages at Juno bar.

The media have some weird and wonderful ways of imprinting subliminal messages into our psyche. Desert Eagle??? And the government question why gun crime is on the rise eh?

Supreme contacted me recently and said they have been thinking about printing a step by step photographic urban workout.

Again we witness the work of the subliminal. This Gordan Brown propaganda implictly shows the viewer that Tony Blair is dead a.k.a no longer in power, but at the same time uses a distinctly red colour to convey the continuing superiority of Labour.

Who said pre-teens cant be sexy eh?

One of the many 'sportswear' items we sported in the ill heated store. GLC were way ahead of their times...

This was the jacket i picked up at the shop. Its like a fisher price jacket from the mid 90's.


Cath. said...

you gotta be fucking kidding me.
give em!

Lidia said...

i LOVE that blue coat you look like a cookie monster in it. WHO sets YOUR trend of vintage coats perrrlease!? yeah. thought so. hood respected.

Deadly Rhythm said...

those destroyers are looking fresh on your buddy.

ben said...

sexzzzzz boyzzzzz

ben said...

nah but seriously, nice garms you got there lads, the crepe are nice, but my y1 adicolors are better ;)