Thursday, 1 July 2010


Fuck the White Board returns to the Old Blue Last for another legendary Sunday night party. 

 This time the headline act is coming all the way from Sydney Australia, playing their first ever and only London show, YOLANDA BE COOL will be keeping the party rolling all the way till 4am.

 YOLANDA BE COOL's latest tune 'We No Speak Americano' is THE dance track of the summer, appearing on EVERYONE'S mixtape and racking up an incredible 9,000,000 (and counting - plays on you tube and topping the Beatport chart for weeks. The Radio 1 team have even predicted it as a UK number 1 single.
They bring their good time tropical house sound to London for the very first time to play this extra special World Cup Final party.

Support comes from O CHILDREN (DJ set) - East London's darkest death-popsters have been setting the blog world alight with new single 'Ruins', not to mention some huge remixes from the likes of The Golden Filter. Their DJ sets have seen them grace the decks at some of London's finest club nights including their own 'Hardcoreus'. Their debut album comes out the day after this, make sure you get yourself a copy or 2.

IS TROPICAL (DJ set) - Praised by The Pix, Dazed, NME, Radio 1 etc... etc... Is Tropical are clearly doing something right. Their take on electro-tinged punk has seen them travel the country over the last few months, generating the sort of buzz that only comes around once in a while. Tried and tested DJs, their set will be nothing short of an eclectic dance floor odyssey.

HARRY JAMES (Snap Crackle and Pop) - As well as Fuck the White Board, you could have seen SCP main-man Harry James DJing at Wet Yourself, Trailer Trash, Dollop, Real Gold, Always Fridays and probably most other decent club nights you can think of from the last couple of years. Don't miss his set.

OUTLAWS (Modular / Kitsune / Discobelle) - Outlaws are currently remixing the likes of Health, The Shapes and Micachu as well as recently doing an epic double CD mix for Discobelle. He's just returned from a stint in Australia and we're extremely excited about this set.

JAMES ASQUITH (We Come In Peace) - Previously operating under his 'Boy Cried Wolf' guise, young and gifted James Asquith has played venues as large as The Coronet, with DJs as large as SebastiAn. His 'Dice EP' was released last year on We Come In Peace. Expect a mature tech-house set from this emerging talent.

HATCHAM SOCIAL (DJ set) - Currently holed away writing the follow up to their critically acclaimed and universally loved debut album, we've dragged these handsome young fellows out into the daylight and back into the darkness for one of their growingly-notorious DJ sets.

STEEP - Having already achieved an impressive number 4 slot on the hype machine and a first remix out on Young and Lost, these excellent young producer/djs will be delivering the sort of devastating set you can hear on their 'Summer Festival Mix' - big bass, huge bootlegs and a dose of house... They'll be warming up for their debut Fuck The White Board set with 'intimate' slots at Fabric and the Coronet the weekend before.

LEMMY ASHTON (Dekheads) - Lemmy's been DJing all our biggest parties recently, in this one is no exception, after holding his own going back to back with Joe and Will Ask at Plan B in Brixton last bank holiday, we're sure that this excellent young producer and DJ will impress again.

TIMMY (Tapped / Dollop) - Tapped and Dollop promoter and resident Timmy is one of our favorite DJs. His house-lead set will no doubt be one of the highlights of the evening.
LA SHARK (DJ set) - It's been 8 months since La Shark played one of our all-time-favorite FTWB Sets at our Christmas party last year, so it's about time we had them back, this time for a DJ set featuring any songs that they think will make you move.

BEATY HEART (DJ set) - A rare DJ Set appearance from New Cross darlings Beaty Heart, who will no doubt be picking an array of classics and cutting edge music that inspires their own unique technicolour beat-led sound.

VIPenis - Our mate Anthony DJ's as VIPenis, don't be put off by his terrible name, he's actually really good.

SWEETDREAMS- Sweetdreams are going to blow your mind with the least pretentious DJ set you have ever heard. When sweetdreams hit the decks it's time to sweat. 

 + Residents RUSS TANNEN and AL HARLEY, and super secret special guests... 

 We will of course be showing the World Cup Final in its entirety on The Old Blue Last's 8ft x 6ft screens and 50" plasma TVs... Entry: £5 advance Doors: 6pm-4am


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