Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Tokyo Rising

Its almost been a year since the devastating earthquake and tsunamis hit Japan.

As well as being an avid fan of Japanesme and culture, Pharrell Williams is also a contributor and supporter of relief programs for the people affected by the events of 3/11.

Earlier this year he went out to Tokyo with Palladium to film a mini documentary about the strong as ever creative scene and eclectic culture. The 5 part series explores some of the social and historical issues which have lead to 'modern Japanese culture'. Its really well shot and interesting to watch (partly due to) Pharrells perspective with which he compares the pre and post 3/11 city, as well as seeing some really unique places like the underground aquaduct and the 3331 'arts platform'.

Check part 1 below and the rest of the series here.

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