Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Bike Polo International '08

Sunday saw the 100th anniversary of Bike polo being played at Shoreditch Park. The day (and night) saw some of London's finest polo players and Trackstars. With our South London team taking The honourable 2nd place title, it was a good day all round. As most of the bikes being played on were polo bikes, there wasnt a lot to write home about on the stees front bar a few. However man of the moment Ted was able to jump about 3 ft onto a roundabout Island. And a bunch of unicycle riding clowns who played hockey by night challenged the polo boys, only to win 5-0. A big thank you to red bull for the free booze.

The Germans


bonnie said...

dont mean to be alchy or nuffin, but when theres free booze can we blog BEFORE the event. so i can come. haha xo

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good point