Wednesday, 20 August 2008


For those of you who watch the news, you will know about the conflict in Georgia. For those of you who dont, the BBC give quite a comprehensive guide on it. Last week I was there only to be evacuated out by French Marines. Im not going to write about politics here, as thats not really what were about. If your interested email me.

Before the war broke out, I was travelling. On the day the conflict broke out I was on the other side of Gori (which saw most of the action). In fear that I would be trapped there and unable to return we drove out straight away.

This was our crew in the derelict airport where we waited for 9 hours with a bunch of frenchmen.

When we got back there was a protest outside the houses of parliament. I joined with the other 200 or so British Georgians to make a stand despite there being no news coverage or general public awareness of it. It was nice to see fellow E-Europeans joining the protest.


Elle Bee said...

the first two pics are beaaaaaaaaautiful!

bonnie said...

:( photos arent loading for meee xoxo