Saturday, 15 November 2008

Flickery Vision

Last night went down to Corsica to check out Trouble Vision round II with Cath, it was pretty good, Noze played a-lets get drunk and naked set, which was surprisingly good and the silent disco was lets just say...silent.
In other music news; Hannah Holland played a smashing set and despite Detboi's extensive catalogue of productions his stop starts didn't quite tickle my pickle.
Tonight DR Soundsystem will be playing at 333 and then probably pop down to Work it.


lidia said...

beautiful caaaath

so sad i missed you this time round!! come back again in the new year??

nice pics al.

lid said...


i looooove hannah holland. she is a quality girl dj, not just a poser

Russ Tannen said...

this looks sick, gutted I missed it.

Big Ron said...

Large up the one and only Cath. Sad i missed ya but our times on the canals will be repeated at some point!

Cath. said...



I WILL be back moehahaha as soon as possible!!! I have been home for about an hour now and I'm really really grumpy because I didn't want to leave London....

Hold tight Lydia and Aaron, sorry to have missed you guys!!! And big up Alexis the pexis, man with the masterplan.. and Collin, dear ol' Collin.


Beefcake said...

haha your such a looser, Im going to send your pictures to Vice Holland :)

Yes come back we can do an exchange trip. As I dont think I will make it to Dam till Jan or June.

Find Collin on facebook he wants to say hi.