Saturday, 15 November 2008

Good Aids Bad Aids tour 2005

In April 2005 I went on tour with my band at the time, Raise the White Flag. We legged it round the country for a couple of weeks with our mates Hatemail. It was called the Good Aids Bad Aids tour and these are some of the photos I took.


Lidjyaaah said...

i didnt know you were in a band tannen.

looks like it was a larf

these photos are amaze

Russ Tannen said...

I've played in loads of bands innit!

thanks x

lid said...

oh. well. then you are just one great galloping dark horse to me tannen.

Cath. said...

These pictures are extremely good!!
You could make a book out of them! Since u have played in so many bands, it might be an idea, you can call it ''Russ Tannen Band Experiences'' or maybe something more creative as I'm totally uninspired at the moment =)