Friday, 6 February 2009

Introducing 44

Born early 2004, the genre blurring record label Botchit & Scarper teamed up with some like minded folks to curate a evening of music, recently they have featured the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs, Evil Nine and Mogwai-who happen to be one of my favourite bands.

We don't usually feature other promoters but these guys really caught my eye. Being able to hold their own in the Lake District and put on some of the most diverse stuff I have seen is quite frankly...dope. Their graphics dept goes from strength with some really aesthetically rigorous design and visuals putting cliche London VJ types to shame.(check out the Discovery reel)

Their residents include the Diesel U Music dance DJ award winner Mister Sushi whose mix can be found here.
Expect to hear more of these guys pretty soon. Until then check the myspace

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