Saturday, 28 February 2009


I know shes going to hate the picture and hate me for taking it but I like it...


this got dropped

the rest of the pictures were even worse, but our man Mathias has quite a few nice ones over on bntl.
In April we return to Plan B with Zinc, Plastician, Tayo, Patchwork Pirates and more. Will post soon!


GregTeee said...

Alex, come on mate, you were snapping away like a mad man there must be more than this.

Im sure I dont need to say it but you really killed it last night.

It'll take until dmz for me to get over it.

Beefcake said...

ive got a couple of you actually which ill put up inabit.
trus my gig snapping is slipping. im going to see the bronx tonight so hopefully ill have some good shit to put up!

Gregory said...
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Gregory said...

ah nice one mate.
that sounds sick, plenty of crowd vocal shots yeah?!

Elle Bee said...