Monday, 21 September 2009

deadly rhythm - 19th september @legion

sbtrkt must of been mad hot in that attire


alexander nut played my favorite set of the night.
fatima on the vocals left a fair few jaws dropping.

silkie - must save all his kinetic energy for his fingers cz he barely moves but mixes so fast.

tomb crew finished everyone off.

hi thomas

hi joy orbison &the oxted massive


(and no it was not a sausage fest)

skankeh skankeh

boogie boogie

... and some tears.. (r.i.p. catford james.... boooooooohoooooo)

and erm.... daniel hersheson crew represent.

pat on the back ladettes. soooooooo excited for the deadly rhythm club return to Plan B - HAVE YOU SEEN THE LINEUP???!