Thursday, 24 September 2009

It's a bit of an animal!

Fancy yourself a bit of a media mogul? Well Unilever want YOU to create their next Pepperami advert. Register on to receive a full brief, but here is what I know so far...
  1. Closing date for entries is 23rd October and the winner will be announced in November.
  2. The idea must feature the original Pepperami 'Animal' character.
  3. You need to produce a TV script and print idea.
  4. $10,000 prize (so I guess its whatever that converts to in GBP)!!!

In their own words, " A plumber from Barnsley could enter but so could people with strong serious creative intent"... Barnsley, stand up! I for one, will be letting my creative juices flow!

But on another level, is this advertising democracy or cost-saving tactics?


Ollie Danger said...

Not on these types of competitions at all.

They get to keep all the entries and use them whenever and however they want. They basically own your 100 hours of work and you dont even get a thank you.

Naddy Butterworth said...

Good point Ollie! Plus it's a kick in the teeth to the agency that developed the animal character!

Jon said...

This might be better: