Tuesday, 20 October 2009

been out the picture for a bit

because i've taken it in my own hands (with emeline the superwoman and some crazy french guy) to throw the best party brixton has ever seen. ok.. i typed that before i remembered deadly rhythm's new home.. but anyway.. we've tried.

come down and do your part to save the polar bears and the penguins and some kids in africa as well as your grandchildren's children while having a laugh and a dance and the best chicken pattie to ever cross your lips (if you trek down to hootananny - which you will cz fucking DEADKIDS are playing)

anyway - pictures speak than words so here it is:

tickets on wegottickets now.. although if you've got some sort of industry status i'm sure you can get some sort of invite... but thats besides the point.. DIG DEEP FOR OXFAM. or be a bit more realistic about life and COME TO BRIXTON

did i mention that its A-TRAK'S ONLY UK SHOW?

sunday night ravers stand up

xoxoxo besos besos besos

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Russ Tannen said...

so fucking awesome