Friday, 23 October 2009

Question Time

If you didn't catch it, what on Earth were you doing?

I have to admit, I was really nervous that he would play the Bankers' bonuses or MP expenses card and win a few people over... I gave him too much credit! Griffin was a bumbling, nervous wreck who continuosly backtracked, insisted he was misquoted and then changed his mind, and attributed his change of views on the Holocaust to radio intercepts - in turn completely disregarding!!! And he just kept creasing! Oh, did anyone else notice his lips pouting too? Freak!

I don't remember Chris Huhne saying much. Bonnie Greer tried to be all patronising and shit but was just really annoyingly American. Baroness Warsi was pompous and her views on homosexuality obviously mirrored Griffin's own. Jack Straw is just shit but gave me jokes when he promised - as Justice Minister - that Nick Griffin could fully explain his views on the Holocaust without fear of punishment (apparently it's illegal in the EU). I guess with a panel like that we are just lucky that Nick Griffin made a complete tit of himself without anyone else's help!

I wish Dimbleby was my Dad! He's hard.

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Beefcake said...

I would have to agree, shame the questioners in the audience were absolute dimwits and could not offer more pressing questions to the man.

Also couldve done with it being longer and all about Dick Griffin