Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The Free Art Fair

The Free Art Fair runs from next Monday till next Sunday and should be pretty fucking sweet. The whole idea is that while everyone else is gawping at Frieze and spending a shit load of cash, similarly HUGE artists exhibit for a week for free and at the end everything is given away. So you could have on your wall something you saw at White Cube a few weeks ago, which is a nice idea I recon. You can find out more HERE.

In other news that Count and Sinden rave I posted about ages ago has been cancelled, the official reason being that the licence wasn't granted. But you'll all be coming to Macbeth to see me DJ anyway, right?!


Beefcake said...

about time we saw some original imaging mr tannen. and no they wont cos they will ALL(including you) be at push. :)

Russ Tannen said...

shit i thought that was tonight? i cant read obv.