Friday, 24 October 2008

Tears of the Crocodile

Last night, I was walking through Born (BCN equivalent to Brick Lane in a sense) and I stumbled up on an exhibition opening party at Iguapop gallery. The work was by Hollywood´s Elizabeth McGrath, who was there herself dressed immaculately in an Alice in Wonderland slash burlesque outfit, which itself complemented the surreal and fantasy-like theme of the work on display.

Despite having to endure the most pretentious art crowd I have yet to encounter, I was glad to have come accross the exhibition, and McGrath´s work (as well as the free beverages that were on offer). It made me think Dita Von Teese x Lewis Carroll´s trips x Russian fairytales.

Some of McGrath´s work from Tears of the Crocodile will also be on display in October at the London art fair SCOPE.

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