Friday, 20 March 2009


I'm in austin, on the roof of our amaaaaazing apartment. We've got a clear view of the austin skyline that you cant really see in the photo but you catch my drift - it's cool here.

We've been here for 4 days so far. 1st day we chilled and got wrist bands. 2nd day we saw Vivian Girls at a little pub, heard a bit of Yelle from next door and hung around for Mapei but decided to make a move cz of time and went to the Levi's fort for Graham Coxon who seemed to be in quite a bad mood, followed by Micachu then b.o.b who i quite like cz the singer sounds a bit like John Legend. We caught a bit of Little Boots before going for dinner with a new buddy called Kyle, who didnt seem bothered by whizzing us around in his merc after at least 5 beers and 10 soco and sprites. Later went to a house party, then to 6th street.

Yesterday we went to some thrift stores and I bought loads of stuff I probably wont manage to transport home but whatevs. Then to the Red Fort pizzeria and saw the phenomenal handclap band who are amazing (and the main girl was nice to look at - no lesbo), the very best (from london x africa), the casio kids all whilst eating reeeealllly good pizza. Au Revoir Simone played last and were pretty amazing. Felt all teary I have to admit - new stuff is defo worth a listen. They were really sweet and chatty too - were all smiley from the stage after a previous chat about cameras so extra kudos to them. Home for drinks then back down to 4th street for Black Lips and Primal Scream in a little courtyard. Oh. My.

Today I've chilled out in the day to give my liver a little needed rest, had a bath on the roof (note: no anons involved) and now I'm hopefully gonna go to see White Denim then go back to the Levi's fort for more SoCo's then the plan is to go to see Hearts Revolution at the Mad Decent party - thats if the queue isn't ridiculous like the one for the Fools Gold party last night.

Austin is amazing. If you like the idea of free booze, good food, friendly locals that wanna chat and constant music coming from every bar/ restaurant/ venue/ cafe, this is the place for you.


p.s. Pissed at missing Deadly Rhythm at Hoxton Queen.
p.p.s. If yr in Austin we're gonna have a roof party / bbq on sunday. Hit me up and come and hang out.

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Russ Tannen said...

so gutted not to be there, please go see the golden filter.