Monday, 9 March 2009

jersey. (and a little catch up)

- we saved a seagull near here.
hello little lobster.

- not so successful sight seeing

- martelo and martello.

- son & mum. this is my favorite. possible evidence of his influence for the need of fresh shoes. (note: Vans slips ons SUCK)

all shot on my little rollei. went last month for one of many valentine treats. others which included...

came back for more running round london.

-mapei and ryan in nhac doing some prep for yoyo... 10 mins before she did this...

- CLICK to listen

- then over to Macbeth for more of that.

Got some more catch ups to do after processing 10 or so films.



beefcake said...

mum and son and ryan and mapei are wawawewa

Elle Bee said...

jersey looks beautiful

Marty Party said...

ir is fangs

Russ Tannen said...

would be easy to pick 6th as best, but think 3rd is. nice snaps as always.