Thursday, 29 January 2009

22 disposable camera photos from Rome


Russ Tannen said...

I went to Rome to present a pilot for a tv show, it involved me going round the city a lot and the Paddingtons playing a gig an stuff. I took a couple of disposable cameras and snapped when I could.

1. Pilot's are made on no-budget.

2. Rome airport

3. It was so hot on the last 2 days. This is a square colloseum.

4. Paddingtons

5. Massive tits

6. Foto means Photo

7. Aquaduct

8. Paedo area

9. This old man had sacks of mail, you wouldn't believe how many letters he was posting, probabbly more than he could fit in that box, he was completely crazy as well. I dont know what he was saying but Giorgio who is filming him here translated to me that he was sending off petitions about something.

10. nice one

11. throwing up the horns!

12. woof

13. Paddingtons was sold out

14. Colloseum

15. There was a whole area of squated buildings and people living in cars, it was "edgy".

16. woof

17. Marv Paddington

18. Paddingtons

19. Josh and Tom on fire?

20. In a restaurant that just said "you will get what the kitchen gives you" in Italian on the wall. best million course meal ever.

21. they put a whole bottle of Sambucca on the table at the end...

22. ...which lead to Tom running round Rome and 6am singing Weezer songs. perfect.

ben k said...

The 3rd pic is immense!