Wednesday, 7 January 2009


This is at the 1985 Grammy awards, sweet. I found the link to it on this rather dull piece on the Guardian about wether electronic music "won" in some kind of imaginary battle between electronic and guitar based bands that the journalist has made up in order to squeeze a blog out of the fact that Florian Schneider is leaving Kraftwerk.

If there was any sort of battle actually happening then I'd think things were pretty even, with the NME revealing its top 10 new tips for 2009 today and 5 of the 10 being electronic-ish artists (The Big Pink, The XX, Empire of the Sun, Little Boots and Kid Cudi). I was glad to see The Big Pink and The XX getting props along side Florence and the Virgins, and agree that all should do well this year. I'm also a fan of Little Boots and i'm interviewing her in March so am taking more of an interest in her progress. I would've liked to have seen Graffiti Island getting some press though, and think that La Roux and We Have Band are going to be the biggest new acts in 2009. Who is everyone else tipping for the main stream?


louisehaynes said...

So much so that I had to type it in capitals to get my point across.
I am willing Florence to make 2009 hers though. One of the only "hyped up" artists that I have a genuine interest in. Such an incredible spirit, voice and talent. Gwan girl.

Russ Tannen said...

cool i'll check them/her/it out. Yeah agreeing with the Florence comments whole heartedly.