Wednesday, 14 January 2009

So it seems like swapping is the new black, and it seems like an especially good idea under the loom of the credit crunch.

I've come across this clothes swap site CovertCandy whi
ch is based in the UK only and means you swap what you don't want for what you do and earn credits in doing so which allows you to buy more things... There is no money involved at all and it is all done by post!

The deets are on the site, there aren't too many items up on there yet as it is apparantly brand new. I've just signed up and I think it could be something that will pick up pace and be quite worthwhile if enough people join!

Some of the most decent things I found on there whilst browsing

(Just found one of the first 1000 users I receive 25 credits to spend.)

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Matthew Schnickens said...

Hahaha!! City boy pants and shit Supreme cap = Aaron's '09 bday gifts???