Sunday, 18 January 2009

Long Leave

Last night I went down to The Macbeth to take pictures for Long Leave. Crystal Fighters got the crowd hot and sweaty dropping a couple of dubstep sounds...which helped. Kap Bambino were also...energetic and helped baste the crowd for the Hip Hop anthems that were to come later in the night. Although there was nothing fundamentally wrong with Kap Bambino's live show, they looked and sounded awfully like Crystal Castles and although it can be argued that that is a good thing. They felt pretty out of date, especially following Crystal Fighters huge set. I didn't particularly like either but I have a feeling we will hear a lot more of Crystal Fighters as soon as they get a good manager and booking agent.

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bonnie said...

well into these beb.
bottom stuff shows something new from you :) xo

Anonymous said...

r there ne more pix from the show?

Beefcake said...

I have quite a few which I will put on facebook and link when I have time. But thought I would put up my favourites.

Yer I like those last 2 as well. glad you do too.

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

so lively.

ikki said...

L'em both, however i enjoyed the CF alittle more [only because ive been promoting them for months up in Leicester where i study]

hope u dont mind me adding u on facebook.
would L to see the rest of the pics.

x ikki

beefcake said...

thanks for all the niceties, Ikki add me by all means if you know my name-if not ill find you on myspace and message you.
Im actually coming up to Leicester on the 30th to dj at a night called skrabble

Beefcake said...

ok ive put up a selection of photos which I am going to use for my portfolio here so have a look,

ikki said...

where in leicester?
would L to attend.
ill bring some friends...maybe some drinks? haha, im kidding

let me know,