Tuesday, 4 December 2007

AlifeStyle like no other

Ive been a fan of ALIFE for a while now due to two factors. First being, I find they keep alot of their stuff quite minimalistic and dont over do the detail on thier designs, a quality i think many Streetwear labels are guilty of these days. Second is their affiliation with the clan otherwise known as Wu-Tang, and the way ALIFE has always supported good artists and given them a platform to elevate themselves, whether it be at the ALIFE block parties or through the brand itself.

Their most recent contribution to the wonderful world of sneakers is the latest installment of the "Ball Out" series. Dropping two new colourway's of Victory Black and Hot Pink. "The Ball Out" is an ALIFE/Reebok Court Victory Pump, fabricated by hand entirely
out of tennis ball felt.

Ive been trying to get my mitts of a pair of the original "Ball Out" Neon yellows for a while now and although i wont be copping either of the new installments i can appreciate there worthwhile amongst the mass of fast-food sneakers that are getting dropped here there and everywhere.

These are two sound new colorways of an already imaginative and deservedly hyped series. The black is there for all the more somber and less outspoken sneaker wearers and the pink is great for the ever growing female sneaker population and the guys that regard sneakers as a means of embracing their inner femininity.

Untill next time. Adieu

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