Saturday, 29 December 2007

Shoes that shine

"Alan Kashi - a.k.a 'AK' - had a vision that his and his family's collection of jewelry would later expand into Hip-Hop fashion in a way that would revolutionize an entire industry"

That he certainly has! The AK sneaker courtesy of Kashi Kicks may well be named after a lethal firearm but ain't nothin' getting killed by these babies except yo image and pride.

The guy has even blessed the sneaker game with clocked out sneaks...... Yea thats right, clocks on yo sneakers!! Why you ask?
Because every modern day flyboy gotta know what time it is! Its Kashi time dammit!
Everyone knows wristwatches are outdated. Ain't no one want no Iced out watch no more. Instead you want the time on your shoe, just where you can see it....... Right?
Oh yea. The clocks are interchangeable aswell just incase you wanted to switch yo clock game up and start swapping with the homies.

No only has the Jewish homie provided us with clocked up sneakers, the designs he is coming with are nothing but 100% dope.

Piano keys. Yes Pianos keys on sneakers. Not only that but Clefs all over the gaff. What can i say? Genius

Oh yea and incase you didn't know. They rock real nice if you pull the jean up and expose the mandatory white sock.

Excuse my shameful use of American slang. I thought it was rather fitting for the post.

Until next time. Adieu

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benjib00 said...

currently stocked at footlocker, get ur asses down there and cop a pair people!!!