Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Ice Cream is for those who cant stomach the Banoffee pudding

I just caught a sneak peek of ice creams new Spring/Summer 2008 fall and its about as much as I've come to expect from them over the past few years. It seems they have adopted a distinctly preppy look for this Spring/Summer, which is about as original as socks at Christmas. They haven't done something like take influences from American Prep fashion and fuse them with Street wear stuff or anything inventive like that. Instead, it looks like they have had a significant change in direction as a brand or, more likely, know what will bring the figures home this spring. Either way they have stuck with the V necks and stripes of American Prep fashion and have equally stuck to sucking corporate cock.

You don't have to know much to realise sitting on a pier whilst tossing a champagne bottle ain't never been cool. This guys gay date has obviously done a no show thus forcing him to ponder whether carrying womens bags is doing much for his look.Having hot chicks dosnt shadow the fact they are wearing shit clothes... Although it does go some way to ease it!
BBC/Ice cream have obviously taken alot of inspiration from Harvard and Yale students such as the one above. I'm not surprised since its probably his investment banking daddy who is now co-ordinating the BBC design department.

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