Friday, 21 December 2007

Rick Ross Hustlin... Only Jonathan style.

Tell me something i don't know.

The new Crooks & Castles x Know1edge colabo watch J-Twizzy is about as fly as wrist wear comes.The all black ceramic watch is limited to 200 pieces worldwide and will be sold through selected retailers.It's based on the famous J-12 model from Chanel, is designed by Crooks & Castles, put together by the guys at Knowledge and uses the recognizable medusa emblem together with the words 'Get Paid' in focus.

Street wear brands seem to be increasingly intent on branching out into the wider world of fashion and sport these days with the countless Colabos at current. I think alot of Street Wear brands are eager to establish themselves as more than simply street wear and prove they can produce other products. I heard an interview with one of L-R-G's team recently. He was arguing they weren't a street wear brand at all but were a super brand similar to the likes of Ralph Lauren. I think if you take a look at L-R-G's most recent fall we can all agree that they are about as street wear as clothing comes these days.

Brands seem to hate being "pigeon holed" as "Streetwear" or "Urban", instead they like to use terminology such as "we're a brand" or "what we do best".

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