Thursday, 6 December 2007

"Sangria for two"

Whilst venturing through Hypebeast's latest offerings i found these New Balance X 24 Kilates Colabos.

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Those of you who have had the pleasure of visiting 24 Kilates will know they are Hung like horses when it comes to selections of kicks and garments (quantity of stock) and not only this, but their technique (quality of stock) is something that can be likened to nothing less than Ron Jeremy's very own thrust action. On top of this, the shop layout is fresh and during the times I've visited they have played nothing but Butter in the musical department.

With this is mind, i suppose it was wrong for me to assume anything from these guys would be short of a footwear miracle. And footwear miracle it certainly is! They have drawn from their environment and through doing so have created something inherently unique and associated with what they love.... Barcelona! The "Modernism Pack" is inspired by Atoni Gaudi's architecture which defined and characterized Barcelona's appearance today and will be avalible for punters from March 2008...... See you there!

Picture i took whilst in Barca
But it wasn't only the Sneakers in these pictures that got me excited. The setting and city backdrop also excited me becuase it reminded me of my own time spent in Barcelona and how much of an impression the city made on me. I'm very much a city person, but had never been to a city i though trumped London until last summers expedition to Barcelona.

A city with a beach in its center couldn't make more sense! Although i wouldn't recommend it for London becuase the beaches would inevitably end up in a fucked up, over-populated state, in Barca they somehow remain relaxed at the same time as being a stones throw from the main shopping street. Barcelona also, in my opinion, had more and better Streetwear shops as well as what seemed like a more down to earth Streetwear scene.

Pictures of the place that is....

For now however i'm staying firmly posted on the London roadside and will enjoy views like this
whilst i can.

Untill next time. Adieu

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