Friday, 7 December 2007

"Chocolate Back" (Its a persingle)

Some outings are simply meant to be and fall into place perfectly, renewing any faith in spontaneous living and London nightlife.These things happen rarely but i was lucky enough to be blessed with one of these miraculous happenings on the 10th of November.

We firstly celebrated my Mates date of birth through means of Arabic cuisine and then promptly followed this up with a portion of "House party". (For those who don't know "House party" is event that takes place around once every 3 months in various secret locations, A.K.A Squats, across London and houses some of the best DJ's around for one night only)

Ill keep this brief as in the words of the pretentious cunt "A pictures paints a thousand words".

The gang was in full effect
As was the DJ (Plaid has been a big look in the last couple months)
We assumed our positions...The skanking proceeded. This specific skank has been dubbed the "white boy" skank by Trish, however im reassured i do infact have the rhythm of a black man. I started with a variation of the aptly termed "gun man skank" But then proceeded to remove the skank and go more for the "gun man". I don't condone gun crime. It ruins lives....The drinks came in red stripe cans
(Andy Milonakis, "Got a pea on my head, but dont call me a pea head) - For those who know
Or in plastic cups for those of a more sophisticate nature.
Note the above is holding two cans but only one contains beer. The contents of the second can was poured all over his melon.... By himself!
Ben - "But it was well hot in there bruv!"
Note for future, not only is water the conventional way of cooling oneself, its also free!!
Ben proud of the fact he appears to have perspired an obscene amount.
Posted on the strip
Happy birthday mateHold tite my toilet gang. One guy was so eager to pull the chain on his embarrassing log hes only gone and broke the porcelain!

Until next time. Adieu

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Sophie said...

question for aaron: i normally just look at the pictures but this time i actually read- PLAID was at that party you went to? you tried it. is there some new one or we talking about the same old like electronica plaid?