Thursday, 27 December 2007

Throw some J's on that bitch

Went to bag up some books today from my univeristy library. Alas it was shut, and i was left university stranded with no books. The result was a break dancing bretherin and a seated me.

  • Nike Air Jordan III Retro
  • Over-sized Carhartt Plaid shirt
  • Stussy London Fitted
These blew my mind when i saw them!!! I've never seen em' for sale before but will keep a eye out from now on. Peep the bloodclaat stitchin!!!

I never used to appreciate Jordans too much, as I've always been an air max man. However as i grow and my tastes evolve i find myself looking at and copping more and more of the god damn things! Jordans are like a whole brand in themselves and boast such a variety of sneakers that its plain ignorant not to respect them in one shape or another. I started with the Air III's but the V's are definitely growing on me.

Until next time. Adieu


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