Wednesday, 5 December 2007

I went shopping today

I Charity shop shopped in Catford today... yep, until it shut... we were the last ones in the shop. Thats how we dooo! I got so much stuff today i'm really on a roll. There are these black curvy, gothicky dresses that keep cropping up. I adore them. I've bought three! I think that i think i'm going to look like some sort of Dita Von Teese in them when I slap on some red lipstick...

Computer says naooooooo. All the same they are extremely cute, or will be when Sophie works her magic. I'm kicking myself for spending £15 on one in Absolutely Vintage when I bought two for £6 in Catty today. Watch this space i'll show when they're ready.

Charlie got lots too no doubt. The boy can shop! Not only is he... a sexy... motherfucker:

he can shop. God's gift if you ask me ;) ay pea?!

He turned this thing inside out, it looked fresh.

Sophie tried it in this (charity shop) dress. I have actually been asking to borrow it for ages but she wont wash it for me and it stinks. Whose is it actually? I'm on the floral prints a la mo. I'm going to wear floral throughout winter, as a testament to my love for summer.

But then I could just bust a festive look this christmas with this dress...

If only if only these Hi Techs were in my size... exclusive-neon-yellow-tennis-ball-material-Alife-Reebok-collabo-sneakers sorry what?!

I'm completely joking of course I would love a pink pair size five for crimbo :)

Much love
Over and Out xxx

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Sophie said...

i think you will find it was me that turned that thing inside out. you know how charlie dismisses everything i say and even if he actually likes/does something he'll say no because its me? thats what he did to the jacket till he actually saw it was fresh.