Wednesday, 5 December 2007

INSA, inas much words

INSA has been around for a hot minute now and has really done alot in a little time, from the numerous collaborations with brands such as Oki-Ni to his iconic sneaker customizations, everything he does is firmly rooted in his original style and is identifiable with him, but at the same time doesn't lack difference, which cant be said for all of those who have a good idea/design and stick with it. Anyway this entry is pretty much going to be burnt off INSA's own blog, of which i'm a regular and a recommender.

Firstly INSA has recently done one of the Whole cars which are situated ontop of a building on
Great Eastern Street and can be peeped from near the Old Blue Last. I have always wondered how to get up there and will one day find out, so watch this space. Anyway INSA was invited to paint one of the cars and this was the outcome....

Secondly and as mentioned before, INSA has done alot of Sneaker focused stuff which is what initially attracted me to him. INSA has customized alot of sneakers in his time ranging from Dunk Hi's to the Kickers Kick-Hi boot which is statutory wear for inner-city youts in uniformed comprehensives. I myself once sported the brown suede variant of the Kick-Hi in my younger years. Anyway his Dunk Hi's are currently on ebay and after defeat in the first round (They were relisted) im determined to come out victorious (and with a significantly lower balance) this time! These are them, and in my opinion they supersede any sneaker customisation i've laid my eyes on before.........

Last but not least is INSA's use of women throughout his art, and thats USE in its best possible sense. INSA basically keeps it simple and uses frighteningly hot women to compliment his art. Some may argue the women are infact art in themselves..........

However in this case i'd probably argue they are used to make things look good and 'sex up INSA's dosia' in the literal sense. And that sexing up comes in some seriously big hot, vindaloo style portions. Peeep these at your own risk!

Anyone who knows me will be well acquainted with my particular tastes in regards to women and im happy to say i think me and INSA share a similar fetish.

Until next time. Adieu

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